Author/Editor Titlesort descending Publication Date Language Type Download .ris citation file
Willer A Concept of Transfer - Transfers of a Concept Generation in Physiology, Pedagogy, and Politics around 1800 Contributions to the History of Concepts 2011 English journalArticle
Stefan Heßbrüggen-Walter Die Begriffsbestimmung der Philosophie im spanischen Aristotelismus der frühen Neuzeit Archiv für Begriffsgeschichte 2012 German journalArticle
Hoffmann Einleitung Geschichte und Gesellschaft 2012 German journalArticle
Weigel et al. Erbe: Übertragungskonzepte zwischen Natur und Kultur 2013 German book
Hoffmann Geschichte des Medienbegriffs 2002 German book
Hoffmann Human Rights in the Twentieth Century 2010 English book
Hoffman and Kollmeier Introduction to the round table:Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe Reloaded? Writing the Conceptual History of the Twentieth Century Contributions to the History of Concepts 2012 English journalArticle
Jordan Lexikon Geschichtswissenschaft: Hundert Grundbegriffe 2003 German book
Stefan Fietz Review of: Mika Ojakangas/ A Philosophy of Concrete Life. Carl Schmitt and the Political Thought of late Modernity Redescriptions: Yearbook of Political Thought and Conceptual History 2005 English journalArticle
Hölscher Zukunft Lexikon Geschichtswissenschaft. Hundert Grundbegriffe 2002 German journalArticle
Stefano ¿De qué hablamos cuando decimos "Iglesia"? Reflexiones sobre el uso historiográfico de un término polisémico Ariadna histórica. Lenguajes, conceptos, metáforas. 2012 Spanish journalArticle
Willer ‘Epigenesis’ in Epigenetics: Scientific Knowledge, Concepts, and Words The Hereditary Hourglass. Genetics and Epigenetics, 1868–2000 (Ana Barahona Edna Suarez-Díaz, and Hans-Jörg Rheinberger, (eds.) 2010 English bookSection

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