Author/Editor Title Publication Date Languagesort descending Type Download .ris citation file
Freire and Kivistik Western and non-Western meanings of the Left–Right divide across four continents Journal of Political Ideologies 2013 journalArticle
Castiglione Republicanism and its Legacy European Journal of Political Theory 2005 journalArticle
Rosanvallon Itinéraire et rôle de l’intellectuel. Propos recueillis par Javier Fernández Sebastián Revista de Libros 28 journalArticle
Rosanvallon Le sacre du citoyen : histoire du suffrage universel en France 1992 book
MsFilmTrailers Footnote - Official Trailer 2012 [HD] 2011 videoRecording
Pocock Three British revolutions, 1641, 1688, 1776 1980 book
Müller Towards a new history of Christian Democracy Journal of Political Ideologies 2013 journalArticle
Palonen Parliamentary Procedure as an Inventory of Disputes: A Comparison between Jeremy Bentham and Thomas Erskine May Res Publica: Revista de Filosofía Política 2012 journalArticle
Skinner Hobbes and republican liberty 2008 book
Pocock and Taylor Financial planning and control 1988 book
Pocock Concepts and Discourses: A Difference in Culture? Comment on a Paper by Melvin Richter The meaning of historical terms and concepts. New Studies on Begriffsgeschichte 1996 bookSection
McCormick Machiavelli against republicanism. On the Cambridge School´s "Guicciardinian Moments" Political Theory Octo journalArticle
Rosales Democracy as a Way of Life: Critical Reflections on a Deweyan Theme Res Publica: Revista de Filosofía Política 2012 journalArticle
Weber Artikulation, Gliederung HKWM 1994 journalArticle
White Left and Right in the economic crisis Journal of Political Ideologies 2013 journalArticle
Sullivan Neither Christian nor Pagan: Machiavelli´s Treatment of Religion in the "Discourses" Polity Wint journalArticle
Pocock and Klamath County YMCA Family Preschool (Or.) The Land of many colors 1993 book
Koselleck Crisis Journal of the History of Ideas Apri journalArticle
Skinner and Van Gelderen Freedom and the Construction of Europe 2013 book
Müller-Wille and Rheinberger A Cultural History of Heredity 2012 book
Pagden Lords of all the world : ideologies of empire in Spain, Britain and France c. 1500-c. 1850 1995 book
Skinner Visions of Politics. Renaissance Virtues 2002 book
Perreau-Saussine Quentin Skinner in Context The Review of Politics 2007 journalArticle
Skinner Surveying the Foundations: a retrospect and reassessment Rethinking the Foundations of Modern Political Thought 2006 bookSection
Skinner Meaning and Understanding in the History of Ideas History and Theory 1969 journalArticle
Pocock Records of the reformation; the divorce 1527-1533. Mostly now for the first time printed from mss. in the British Museum, the Public Record Office, the Venetian Archives and other libraries 1870 book
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Skinner and Gelderen Freedom and the Construction of Europe 2013 book
Rosanvallon Le peuple introuvable : histoire de la représentation démocratique en France 2002 book
Équipe « 18ème et révolution » Dictionnaire des usages socio-politiques (1770-1815) 1987 book
Contributions to the history of concepts History of concepts - group library 2016 webpage
Koselleck A reponse to comments on Geschichtliche Grundbegriffe The meaning of historical terms and concepts: New studies on begriffsgeschichte 1996 bookSection
Rosanvallon L’histoire du mot démocratie à l’époque moderne La pensée politique. Situations de la démocratie mai bookSection
Afterman From Philo to Plotinus: The Emergence of Mystical Union The Journal of Religion 2013 journalArticle
Tilmans and Welema Applying Begriffsgeschichte to Dutch History: Some Remarks on the Practice and Future of a Project Contributions to the History of Concepts 2006 journalArticle
Pocock The Burmese cat 1979 book
Hackell Taxpayer citizenship and neoliberal hegemony in New Zealand Journal of Political Ideologies 2013 journalArticle
Rosanvallon La contre-démocratie. La politique à l´âge de la défiance 2006 book
Weymans Freedom through Political Representation: Lefort, Gauchet and Rosanvallon on the Relationship between State and Society European Journal of Political Theory July journalArticle
Rosanvallon La démocratie inachevée. Histoire de la souveraineté du peuple en France 2000 book
Pocock The Burmese cat 1975 book
Archer The lost world of American conservatism: the party of order and the fear of freedom Journal of Political Ideologies 2013 journalArticle
Pocock The Machiavellian Moment. Florentine Political Thought and the Atlantic Republican Tradition 2003 book
Skinner Freedom as the absence of arbitrary power Republicanism and Political Theory 2008 bookSection
Rosanvallon Pour une histoire conceptuelle du politique. Leçon inaugurale au Collège de France faite le jeudi 28 mars 2002 2003 book
Pocock et al. The Varieties of British political thought, 1500-1800 1993 book
Tuck Philosophy and government 1572-1651 1993 book


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