Call for Papers! 19th Annual International Conference on Conceptual History, Aarhus University

The 19th International Conference on Conceptual History

Aarhus University, Denmark

September 14-16, 2016

Deadline for paper proposal: May 31

For more on the conference go HERE.

Summer School in Mexico on Ibero-American Modernities

Summer School on Conceptual History in Ibero-American Modernities (17th - 19th centuries)

El Colegio de México - July 25th and August 5th 2016

Deadline for candidates: March 11!

Call for Papers at Malaga! #2

D o c t o r a l C o u r s e Democracy, Human Rights, and the Porous Boundaries Between Domestic and International Politics 

University of Málaga

16–17 December 2015